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JUMP HEIGHT: 122 m. (400.26ft)

TOTAL DROP: (400.26ft)

WEIGHT: from 40 Kg. (88.10 Lbs.) to 200Kg. (330.3 Lbs.)

DURATION: 15 minutes


Our Bungee Jump is the highest in America. This activity will take place starting from a holding cage that rises up to 122mts through a hydraulic winch. The jump takes place with an elastic rope that is specially designed for this type of activities which is secured to the ankles of the client. The elastic rope is imported from abroad and its use has a limited maximum number of jumps. Each jump is registered by our personnel, and through this record keeping we make sure it is not used above security levels. Once we have recorded the maximum use permitted it is discarded by cutting it up so as to make sure it will not be used again. Thus we guarantee that our equipment is always in perfect condition. In addition to the elastic rope, the client will use a body harness. To this body harness we attached security webbing attached to the rope, it has a stretching capacity of up to 107 meters and a resistance in weight of 2 tons. This security webbing cord in addition to adding security, prevents that the elastic cord should stretch more than what is normal, that is at exactly 107 meters of height, which a direct security to the bungee rope. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes, 3 minutes to go up the 122 meters and the rest spent in the descent.

Prices per person:



Bungee Jump

USD 95.00

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