Province of Ancash


Capital: City of Huaraz

Altitude: 3.090 m.a.s.l.

Distance: not available


Ancash, cradle of the ancient Peruvian culture. It is located in the North-western part of Peru. It comprises a coastal strip as well as the Andean mountain range.


It was the first culture that comprised a great part of the Peruvian territory.


The men from the Chavin Culture were great agricultors. They were characterized by their sculptures of men, animals and misterious symbols and by the construction of big temples and fortresses.


Huaraz, county capital of Ancash, is characterized by its narrow streets with adobe houses and wood balcones.


It is interesting to visit:


- Regional Museum

- View-point of Rataquenua

- The Trout Breed

- Archeological Site of Chavin de Huantar

- Temple of Sechin

- The Holy Field

- Monterrey Spa



Tourist Site Attractions:


National Park Huascaran, considered the highest snow-capped mountain of Peru. It is located at 22 kilometers from Huaraz and it has an altitude of 6.768 m.a.s.l., in an area of 340.00 hectares. This park has a varied flora and fauna.


The Huascaran Park was declared Natural Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO in 1985. It is characterized by its famous lagoons of intense colors; some of which are: Paron Lagoon, Llanganuco, Laca, Querococha.


Archeological site of Chavin, located at 109 kilometers from Huaraz in the county of Huari. Also known as "El Castillo de Chavin de Huantar", it was one of the main religious centers of the west hemisfery.


It was declared Cultural Patrimony by the UNESCO in 1985.


The city of Carhuaz, located at 34 kilometers from Huaraz. A town that still keeps its traditional and mestizo atmosphere.


It is interesting to visit: Square of Arms. The Civic Center. Sanctuary of Virgen de las Mercedes. Thermal Baths of Chancos


The city of Caraz, located at 67 kilometers from Huaraz, in the county of Huaylas. A town that keeps the old traditions and customs of the towns of the sierra. The country side has a great variety of carnations. Nearby is the snow-capped mountain of Alpamayo (5.950 m.a.s.l.), of exceptional beauty considered as "the most beautiful mountain of the world" in the world contest of landscape beauty in Munich, Germany. (1966).


It is interesting to visit: Alpamayo Mountain. Museum Amauta of Art Ancashino. Archeological Remains of Tumshukaico. Paron Lagoon. Pato Canyon.


The city of Yungay, located at 55 kilometers from Huaraz is at the foot of the Huscaran Mountain. The city was entirely rebuilt after the flood of 1.970 that burried the old city. This town is the point of departure to the Llanganuco Lagoons.


It is interesting to visit: Llanganuco Lagoons. Snow-capped Mounatin of Huascaran. Guitarrero Cave.


Tortules Beach (Playa Tortugas), located at 20 kilometers from the city of Casma. It is an ideal place for water-sports, due to its clean and calm sea. Besides, there are an area for walk along the beach and see odd geological formations made by the erosion.


Thermal Baths of Monterrey, located at 9 kilometers from Huaraz. A town famous for its landscapes and thermal-medicinal waters. Ideal for the treatment of rheuma.


Thermal Baths of Chancos, located at 28 kilometers from Huaraz, near the town of Marcara. Baths and fountains of transparent waters known for its medicinal properties.


Snow-capped Mountain Pastoruri, located at 106 kilometers from Huaraz and an altitude of 5.240 m.a.s.l. This mountain is part of the climbing circuits of Huaraz Mountain. Ideal for snow-boarding, skiing and climbing sports.


Llanganuco Lagoons, located at 28 kilometers from Yungay. These lagoons are part of the National Park of Huascaran. The lagoons are formed by the melting ice from the mountains Huascaran, Huandoy, Pisco, Yanapaccha and Chopicalqui.


Bolognesi Province

*Chiquián Capital


To arrive to Chiquián itself takes a deviation of the highway Pativilca - Huaraz in Conococha Km´s lagoon. 120, lagoon in which the river is born Santa - the but mighty of the Peruvian coast and in the one that can be practiced the hunt of birds (previous permission) - from there for a highway of 30km of long asphalted to 50% of its journey (in some months to 100%) you arrives to the gentle city of Chiquián Espejito of the Sky that is the entrance to the valley of the river Aynin (that dilute below it changes its name for that of Strength) in the one that there is a great quantity of picturesque towns with colonial churches, adobe houses whitened with lime and tile roofs.


Chiquián is also the starting point to consent to the mountain range Huayhuash whose higher pick is the Yerupajá (second higher pick of the Peru) that for its difficult configuration newly was crowned last decade after many intentos. The trekking around this mountain range is considered among the best 10 of the world according to the experts, toasting to the visitor spectacular landscapes and lagoons, in Chiquián you can get 3 stars´ lodging (to prices very cómodos) así like guides, team and muleteers for this purpose.


Other activities that can be carried out around Chiquián are the mountain cycling, parapente and the walks to observe their falls of water and the varied local vegetation due to their warm climate.


Chiquián is also recognized by its handmade milky industry by what should reserve its provision of cheeses, butter and white dish to take to its return when arriving.


The most favorable time to visit this Andean valley and to enjoy their hospitality this among the months of May to October.



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