Capital: The city of Lima

Altitude: 150 m.a.s.l.

Distance: · Lima to Arequipa 1.009 kilometers

· Lima to Trujillo 557 kilometers

· Lima to Cuzco 1.155 kilometers

· Lima to Tacna 1.295 kilometers


Lima is the capital of Peru, and it used to be the capital of the richest spanish viceroyalty of South America. It is the most important city of the country. It is a political, economical and cultural center.


It is located on the central coast of the country in front of the Pacific Ocean.


Downtown of Lima


On January 18, 1535 the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, along with twelve companions, founded the city of Lima in the largest and most central valley of the Peruvian coast. It was first called "City of the Kings".


It is interesting to visit:


- The House of Government: The House of Francisco Pizarro

- Cathedral of Lima

- Palace Arzobispal

- San Cristobal Hill

- Convent of "Los Descalzos" (The barefeet)

- Huaca Pucllana, also known as "Juliana"

- Reducto Park

- Municipal Palace

- Parroquial Church

- Alfredo Salazar Park

- Park of Love

- Comercial Center LarcoMar

- The Beaches Waikiki y Miraflores




Miraflores was a fishermen town and peaceful spa, but due to its strategic location, it became the new comercial center of Lima.


El Callao


Located at the north west of Lima. El Callao is the principal harbour of the country, and it is the place of entrance and exit of freight and passangers to the whole world.


Here are the international airport. The Royal Fortress Felipe. And the well-known lighthouse of the Plaza Grau.


From this port you can take round trips on boats to the islands San Lorenzo and El Fronton.


Beaches of Lima

City of Barranca


The city Barranca is located at 194 kilometers from Lima. It has a great economical movement and a great number of restaurants. It has a long sea wall. And one of the most famous dishes is the "Ceviche del Pato".


The nearest beaches are:


Fortaleza.- Located 210 kilometers from Lima, near the Paramonga Fortress. It characterizes for a noisy sea.


El Totoral.- Located 200 kilometers from Barranca. It is an ecological paradise because of its swamps and beds of rushes where you can find wild ducks.


Chorrillos.- Loacted at 0.5 kilometers from Barranca, It is a pretty spa with old, centenarian houses. It has a park, hotels and restaurants. Its sea is relatively moody.


Puerto Chico.- Located at one kilometer from Barranca. It is a charming creek from where you can behold the fishermen´s boats. The spa has a quiet waters, and it is a gathering point for many Limeños. (people from Lima)


Cerro Colorado.- Located at 1.5 kilometers south of Barranca. It is a beach with somewhat stormier waters. It is broad and curved and it has a swimming pool. The big unlet and view-point are well attended by visitors.



City of Supe


Supe is located at 190 kilometers from Lima. It is a fishermen town where mainly "lenguado" and "tollo" are fished. On June 29th, the city offers a homage to the patron saint of the fishermen: San Pedro.


Puerto Supe.- It is the port of Supe. Southward there is a beach which is divided by a rocky creek.


The Isla (El Faraon).- The beach La Isla (also known as "El Faraon") is near Supe. It is a beautiful beach divided in two parts; the North Beach has a rough sea that is not visited much. The South Beach is the favorite of the bathers for its calm sea with little waves.


The Creek Vidal


Located at 10 kilometers from Supe. It got its name as a homage to the great man of the American Independence: Francisco Vidal, who was born in that region.


The Creek Vidal has three beaches with seas very different from each others:


- Playa Grande, the best suited for surfers for its big waves.


- Playa Chica, with medium high waves.


- Playa Los Botes, with shallow and calm water.


City of Huacho / HUARAL


The city of Huacho is the capital of the Huara province. It is located at 40 kilometers from Supe. It has an important fishing harbour as well as a country side, beaches and lagoons with clear waters.


Huacho is an old fishermen town. It has an antique sea wall and on its port you can see all kinds of boats. It also has very nice beaches.


Its best beaches are:


Playa Centinela (Sentry Beach), is located on the kilometer 154. Because of its excellent waves, it is well-attended by surfers. In old times, there used to be a sentry who was in charge of watching the sea and prevent the village Huara from pirat attacks.


Hornillos Beach, is located on the kilometer 146 near the town Huacho. It has a sea wall with flowers and the sea is calm and has small waves. It is surrounded by crags where it is possible to fish.


Tartacay Beach, is located on the kilometer 135. It is considered the biggest and most beautiful of the beaches near Huacho. It is an open beach with a beautiful landscape between the sea and sand dunes. In the northern part the water is rougher.


Herradura Beach, is located on the kilometer 128. It is a beautiful curved beach with calm waters.



City of Huaral / Chancay


Huaral is the capital of the province that has the same name. It is located at 90 kilometers from Lima. You can try delicious and typical dishes, like: escabeche, adobo, arroz seco, carapulcra, chicharrones and sancochado.


The main attractiveness of Chancay is the old castle, built across the sea in 1924. Currently it is being used as hotel and museum.


Its main beaches are:


The Viñas Beach or Arena Beach, is located on the kilometer 84, half a kilometer off the highway, next to a crag which is always covered with fern due to the leaking water. It also has little waterfalls and streams. It is possible to fish in the surroundings. It is one of the favorite places of Chanchay.


The Chancay Beach or The Baths, is located on the kilometer 82. From the harbour, where low scale fishing is carried out; many small boats can be seen. The inlet is pretty and well suited for diving in the night.


The Chacra Beach, is located on the kilometer 75, at the end of Pasamayo road. The sea has strong streams at that port, so it is recommended to be careful. It is well attended by the population of Huara and has many small restaurants.There are some very outstanding Krishna buildings called "trulis" which resemble easter-eggs.


Don Julio Beach, is located on the kilometer 120. It got its name from Don Julio Fernandez, who has built houses only with materials provided by the sea. Don Julio rents and sells his houses. It dates since 30 years ago.


Ancon Town / Santa Rosa


The beach of Ancon is located on the kilometers 44. It is an old spa from Lima where important pre-hispanic cultures developed. Since the mid 19th century, the high society of Lima took it over as one of its favorite spas. Nowdays, it is the most important spa in the North coast of Lima; on weekends it is visited by thousands of bathers from all social strata.


The best known beaches are:


Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach), it is a pretty, little beach on one end of Ancon that has fine sand and calm waters. It is surrounded by luxurious apartments enbedded in the hill side.


Conchitas Beach, it owes its name to the great amount of sea-shells that are brought by the sea. The waters are calm, but the shore is steep; thus, it gets to be deep. It is frequented by the inhabitants of the North of Lima.


Santa Rosa Beach, it is an exclusive spa located at 43 kilometers. It has a condominium with summer houses and it is surrounded by ample gardens. There is also the Club de la Union de Santa Rosa. Access is restricted.


Port El Callao


El Callao is the main harbour of the country.It is the point of entrance and exit of freight and passangers to the whole world.


Here are the international airport. The Royal Fortress Felipe. And the well-known lighthouse of the Plaza Grau.


Its main beaches are:


Ventanilla Beach-Spa. It is an extense beach placed North of the city. It has restaurants, discos and sport fields. It is very frequented in the summer.


La Punta Beach-Spa. It has calm and deep waters, a beach of stones and cold water. It is visited a lot in the summer due to its pleasant sea wall and good restaurants. Among its beaches, El Cantolao is outstanding.


It is interesting to visit:


Chilca, a town located 62 kilometers from Lima. It is one of the richest provinces of the country for the fertility of the soil and the skillfull farmers, who made it one of the best cultivated of the country.


Its capital is San Vicente de Cañete. It is characterized for the medicinal lagoons of the spa Las Salinas.


It is interesting to visit:


The Church Nuestra Señora de Asuncion de Chilca, which was declared National Historical Patrimony of Mankind and is considered the most important liturgic center South of Lima.


It was built in 1718 and is one of the most beautiful samples of baroque architecture of the coast. During the colonial period it was the reason for viceroy Amat´s constant visits. And during the Pacific War, it was a shelter to the patriotic soldiers.


Also, is interesting to visit the Albufera Medio Mundo Lagoon. This coastal paradise is located at 175 kilometers from Lima. This lagoon with an extension of 7 kilometers is a shelter to many species of birds, like: the blue heron, the fisher eagle, the cormoran and gallareta, which run over the water fluttering.


It is a good place for camping and carrying out water-sports, like wind-surfing.



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